Alopecia and allergies

Yes, most people who are suffering from alopecia are also going to suffer from allergies, do you know the reason why?

It’s very simple to understand, first, we need to talk about the nature of alopecia, what is it?

Well, alopecia is an autoimmune disease, meaning that your immune system is attacking your healthy skin cells, even worse, it’s attacking your hair follicles, causing them inflammations, and even worse, causing them to stop producing hair strands!

This is why most people suffering from alopecia are also going to notice huge increase in inflammations in their bodies!

Well, it’s your immune system attacking your healthy hair follicles!

And do you know what else is caused by an increase in immune response?

Yes, allergies, and although most people are going to think that alopecia may be due to a reaction to something, it’s not, alopecia is your immune system attacking your hair follicles and causing them to stop producing hair strands.

So, what’s the relationship between allergies and alopecia?

Well, as I have mentioned some few lines ago, it has to do with your immune system, in fact, you have lots of inflammations going on in your body, so, the best way for you to stop your alopecia isn’t through medication or injections, and no, it’s not through using supplements, please, you need to consult your doctor before attempting to do anything, what I really advise people to do when you suffer from alopecia is to change your diet, from a pro-inflammatory one, to an anti-inflammatory diet.

What I mean here is very simple to understand, most people are addicted to junk food, oily and fatty food, and even worse, they consume huge amounts of animal products on a daily basis.

From dairy to even processed carbohydrates, all these foods are terrible for your immune system and your body, they increase inflammations, and even worse, they cause constipation which leaves your body with huge amounts of toxins to deal with, which is also going to increase inflammations and damages to your whole body.

My advice is very simple, you need to increase your intake of healthy foods, foods which contain huge amounts of fiber, and most importantly, whole plant foods, like beans, rice, brown rice to be exact, whole grain products, whole wheat bread, lots of fruits, lots of vegetables, and most importantly, lots of dark green leafy vegetables.

These foods are the best when it comes to alopecia, in fact, a lot of my friends have told me that there allergies stopped when they started caring more about their diets.

For example, I have a friend who is affected all year long with pollen allergies, well, after stopping his dairy consumption, his alopecia not only regressed, but he rarely has allergies.

Please, if you have a question concerning alopecia and allergies, don’t hesitate to post it in the section below, I will be very happy to discuss it with you.

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