Celiac disease and alopecia

In this post, I’m going to talk about celiac disease and alopecia, and the relationship between these two terrible auto inflammatory and autoimmune conditions!

Well, in both cases, celiac disease and alopecia, your immune system is attacking your healthy cells, in the case of celiac disease, your immune system is attacking your intestinal wall, and causing internal bleeding and also lots of inflammations which are going to cause pain, bloating, and lots of discomfort!

Indeed, celiac disease can even lead to other dangerous conditions such as heart problems and even increase risks of cancer!

In the case of alopecia, your immune system is attacking your hair follicles and causing them lots of inflammations which are going to stop them from producing healthy hair strands!

I don’t want to scare you, but these two conditions are extremely scary, and are going to be highly linked to your way of life!

I have talked about this in many of my previous posts, the fact that celiac disease and alopecia are highly linked to your diet!

Well, here is the thing most people don’t understand: if you keep on consuming lots of junk food, especially animal products, on a daily basis, then, you are going to disrupt the balance in your gut flora, bacteria and funguses that are responsible for training your immune system and also regulating your body’s hormones.

Well, such disruption is going to increase your chances of getting celiac disease and alopecia as well.

The truth is that these two conditions are extremely linked to each other, in fact, they have the same causes, your immune system attacking your healthy cells!

So, to reduce this, I highly recommend that you change your diet; it’s one of the best treatments you can use for both celiac disease and alopecia.

This is what I have done in the past, I used to suffer from terrible alopecia, in my beard, and after changing my diet, after starting to consume lots of anti-inflammatory foods on a daily basis, especially vegetables, whole grains, and lots of beans and lentils, I was able to get rid of my alopecia in a matter of just three weeks, of course, if you are suffering from celiac disease, you have to stay away from wheat products as much as possible, and gluten, however, you are free to consume potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, quinoa, lots of rice, and most importantly, lots of vegetables, which are critical to getting rid of alopecia very quickly.

I highly recommend that you read my previous posts, the ones about alopecia and nutrition, they will show you exactly what kind of nutrients you need to take on a daily basis in order to decrease alopecia and also increase hair growth very quickly and efficiently as well.

Please, if you have a question or a concern when it comes to celiac disease and alopecia, I highly recommend that you ask me your questions in the section below, I will be very happy to help you.

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