Does acupuncture help alopecia areata?

Does acupuncture help treat alopecia areata? The answer is absolutely not!

Although most people are going to believe in the wonderful effects and powers when it comes to acupuncture, let me tell you that I have tried it, and to tell you the truth, it was just a waste of money, a waste of time, and even worse, a waste of valuable resources and efforts that could have gotten me much more beneficial results when it came to my alopecia areata!

Yes, I know that I will be hated by a lot of people for saying that acupuncture won’t work for alopecia areata, but this is the truth, my brother, my father, and even one of my cousins had alopecia areata in the past, and they all tried acupuncture, and let me tell you that it hasn’t help them a lot!

It’s true, acupuncture may be very powerful for other problems, and since it will lower stress a little, many people are going to think that it can even lower alopecia areata!

Let me tell you one very important thing: alopecia areata may be caused to some degree by stress, but what most people don’t know is that this terrible skin condition is caused most importantly but what you eat.

Yes, if you are indulging yourself in lots of inflammatory foods on a daily basis, then, your alopecia areata is going to increase no matter what you do, even if you get rid of stress entirely from your life, you will always have this terrible skin condition hiding and ready to affect your skin and scalp again!

Indeed, I have already talked about the effects of diet when it comes to alopecia areata in many of my previous posts, and I highly recommend that you read them, especially the ones about nutrition and alopecia, they will show you exactly what kinds of food you need to eat on a daily basis if you’d like to get rid of this terrible skin condition, and most importantly, they will give you amazing herbal teas and remedies you need to take on a daily basis, they are going to lower alopecia surface, and even better, they are going to increase hair growth tremendously.

However, when it comes to using acupuncture for alopecia, I really think that you should shift your efforts to much more productive treatments, such as changing your diet, stopping smoking, and even better, increasing your fiber intake.

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