How to treat alopecia areata in children

In this post, I’m going to show you how to easily and efficiently treat alopecia areata in children, trust me, it can be done, and it’s very easy, however, you will need a lot of dedication and willpower in order to achieve this, but I’m going to help you.

The first thing you need to understand is why your child has alopecia areata?

Well, it’s not very obvious; your child is suffering from a lot of inflammations, internal ones!

What you need to understand here is that his or her immune system is attacking his healthy skin cells, most dangerously, it’s attacking his hair follicles and preventing them from producing thicker and healthier hair strands.

And this is the reason why your child may develop some bald spots on his scalp or other areas of his body, it’s because the immune system is attacking hair follicles and preventing them from producing hair strands.

So, what can you do about this?

Unfortunately, the best way for you to prevent your child from having alopecia areata for an extended period of time is to lower inflammations as much as possible, and to do this, he or she doesn’t have to take drugs or certain supplements; the best way to achieve this is through dietary changes.

When I had alopecia in the past, the first thing I did was to start using supplements, and trust me, they didn’t work, they only made the situation worse!

So, to achieve amazing results when it comes to your child’s alopecia areata, I highly recommend that you avoid supplements and only focus on diet.

Yes, diet saved me, in fact, when I stopped consuming animal products, butter, milk, dairy, processed carbohydrates, candy, baked goods, and most importantly meats and other animal products, my alopecia simply halted, and soon, when I started consuming beans, lots of lentils, vegetables, fruits, and lots of whole grains and whole wheat bread, my alopecia simply disappeared!

This is what I want you to do to your child, I want you to start consuming a healthy diet, this way, your child is undoubtedly going to follow you and going to absorb the same eating habits you are enjoying, and trust me, within a short period of time, your child’s alopecia areata is going to disappear.

Yes, changing his diet is the most important step you need to take right now if you would like to treat alopecia areata in your child, you can also start using the following oil blend, it’s very powerful as well:

Take one teaspoon of olive oil and add to it a quarter of a teaspoon of peppermint oil, a quarter of a teaspoon of Jamaican black castor oil, and mix everything very well, then, apply onto your child’s alopecia areata affected area, this is very powerful and will give you fantastic results very quickly.

Please, if you have a question concerning alopecia areata in children, don’t hesitate to post it in the section below, I will be extremely glad to help you out.

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