How to use coconut oil for alopecia

In this post, I’m going to show you how to exactly use coconut oil for alopecia, trust me, it’s very powerful and it can give you fantastic results if you apply the techniques you are going to find out today in this post.

The first and most important thing you need to understand about alopecia is that it won’t be cured with coconut oil!

Yes, although most people are going to advise you to start using coconut oil for alopecia, I highly recommend that you look elsewhere, in other words, I highly recommend that you start caring about your diet first.

Indeed, when you look after your diet, in other words, when you start consuming highly anti-inflammatory foods on a daily basis, your alopecia is going to take care of itself, in other words, your alopecia is going to lessen in terms of spread, and even better, your hair is going to start growing naturally, without using coconut oil.

In the past, I used to suffer from terrible alopecia, it was on my beard, and soon, it jumped to my scalp!

After two weeks of feeling depressed about myself, I started looking for solutions, and I even started experimenting with different essential oils and supplements, well, let me tell you that most of them gave me some positive results, and some of them gave me really amazing results, but I didn’t experience a lot of hair growth, all this changed when I started shifting my diet to a natural one which relied on whole grain products, whole plant foods, vegetables, fruits, and lots of beans and lentils.

When I started doing this, my alopecia simply disappeared, and it has been this way ever since!

So, take my advice, the best way for you to get rid of alopecia once and for all and even cure it is to stop covering the symptoms, and look for the reason why you have it, you have it because you have lots of inflammations going on in your body, and the best way for you to get rid of alopecia is through changing your diet and consuming lots of anti-inflammatory foods.

Now, here is how to use coconut oil for alopecia efficiently:

Take one teaspoon of coconut oil, melt it over low heat, and add to it one teaspoon of peppermint oil, one teaspoon of castor oil, and one teaspoon of jojoba oil.

Put everything aside until it reaches room temperature, then, I want you to use a minimum of one teaspoon a day on your alopecia patches, this is very powerful and it’s going to give you fantastic hair growth very quickly.

Please, if you have a question concerning using coconut oil for alopecia, don’t hesitate to ask me in the section below, I will be extremely happy to help you, and please, if you have a question concerning what diet you need to follow, I highly recommend that you read my previous posts, the ones about nutrition and alopecia, they will help you tremendously.

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