How to use minoxidil for traction alopecia

A lot of people really don’t know how to use minoxidil for traction alopecia, they think that it’s just a question of applying some few drops and hoping for the best!

Well, to tell you the truth, this is completely different, and using minoxidil for traction alopecia can be really dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing!

I say this because for a lot of people, minoxidil will increase blood pressure to high levels, even worse, it’s going to increase itchiness and also cause inflammations on their scalps!

So, if you are suffering from traction alopecia in your scalp, which is extremely common, then, I want you to have these guidelines always present in your mind whenever you are using minoxidil:

The first one is to avoid relying on minoxidil as much as possible!

I say this because a lot of people already suffer from terrible high blood pressure, and using minoxidil is only going to make this matter worse!

I’m sorry to say this, but this is going to sound very scary: minoxidil is going to increase your probably high blood pressure, sometimes, even to very high levels!

Which is the reason why I don’t recommend everyone to use minoxidil for his or her traction alopecia, on the other hand, I only want you to use natural ingredients, peppermint oil to be precise, and here is what you need to do:

Every day, I want you to mix one teaspoon of peppermint oil with one tablespoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of Jamaican black castor oil.

Then, apply one teaspoon on your traction alopecia affected area, trust me, this is much better solution than using minoxidil, and it’s also going to give you fantastic results.

However, if you are convinced that you need to use minoxidil for your traction alopecia, and you don’t want to waste time preparing essential oils, which is completely understandable, here is what you need to do:

Every morning, I want you to apply a minimum of half a teaspoon of minoxidil, five percent, to your traction alopecia affected area, massage very gently, and then go on with your life, now, in the afternoon, exactly 8 hours later, I want you to apply half a teaspoon again to your traction alopecia affected area, this time, massage very gently and cover using a thick towel for a minimum of one hour, then, rinse using your favorite shampoo.

This is by far the best way to use minoxidil for traction alopecia, and please, don’t use it for more than twenty consecutive days, it can really increase your blood pressure and even cause damages to your skin if you use too much.

Please, if you have a question concerning using minoxidil for traction alopecia, I highly recommend that you post it in the section below, I will be very happy to assist you as much as possible.

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