Living with alopecia

In this post, I’m going to share with you the right techniques and tips in order to live with your alopecia on a daily basis, and most importantly, in order to get rid of this terrible skin condition very quickly and efficiently as well.

So, the first step to living with alopecia is to accept what you are going through.

One of the most important things that happened to me throughout my life is getting affected with psoriasis and alopecia!

I have already shared many posts on my psoriasis website about that terrible condition, and in this website, I talk about alopecia, and most importantly, how I was able to get rid of it in a matter of just one month, so, the first step I did was to accept my situation.

Of course, now, to me, it seems like the most normal thing to do, but back then, four years ago, when I had terrible alopecia, it was very difficult for me, and the idea of accepting that I had a bald spot on the middle of my scalp and another one on my beard was just terrible, I couldn’t accept it, but then, I made up my mind and I started pushing myself into living with my alopecia and accepting it as it is.

Trust me, when you do this, you will clear your mind into working a solution and finding the right things to do.

The second step is to shave your beard or cover it!

So, if you are a man, and you have alopecia on your beard, then, for God’s sake, shave everything.

It’s very important for you because it’s going to increase your confidence in yourself, and most importantly, you are not going to look disfigured!

I say this because I have been there; I know what it feels like to have a disfigured beard looking very strange and very sick as well!

And if you have alopecia on your scalp, whether you are a man or a woman, try to hide it, you can use hats, and if you are a man, you can even shave your head.

The important thing is to act normal, to be normal, and to blend in with other people, never isolate yourself, it’s very devastating to your self-esteem and self-confidence.

The third step is to look for the right solutions.

This is by far the most important step you need to take.

I still remember when I had alopecia, I was always thinking about what I was doing wrong, and that’s how I discovered that I was consuming lots of pro-inflammatory foods on a daily basis, trust me, they were devastating to my health, even worse, they caused me lots of cardiovascular issues, from high blood pressure to even feeling dizzy and low energy levels all day long!

So, I stopped consuming junk food all together, in fact, I stopped drinking and smoking, and that’s how I started living more healthily and making healthy choices when it comes to my food on a daily basis.

Please, consider changing your diet for the better, I have already shared many posts in which I talk about the right diet to follow if you have alopecia, trust me, they will help you tremendously, just use the search form above, it will help you find out the right post for you.

And the fourth step is to apply what works.

Of course, there are treatments, from minoxidil to even essential oil blends that are going to increase hair growth, however, what you need to do is very simple, you have to know what kind of alopecia you are suffering from, and trust me, in most situations, using peppermint oil blend is more than enough to start growing your hair and feeling good about yourself again, however, the most important step is to change your diet and start eating the right foods on a daily basis.

Please, if you have a question concerning living with alopecia, don’t hesitate to post it in the section below, I will be very happy to help you.

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