The best adult treatment for alopecia areata hair loss

If you are suffering from alopecia areata hair loss, then, I’m going to share with you the best adults treatment you can use, believe me when I tell you that I have used it myself, and it’s very powerful, it’s also going to give you fantastic results very quickly.

So, without further ado, here are the ingredients you need to use to make this treatment a reality:

First of all, you need to understand that alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder, meaning that your immune system is attacking your healthy hair follicles and causing them to stop producing hair strands, this means that if you would like to get rid of this terrible skin condition, you have to start changing your diet, in other words, you have to lower inflammations in your body as much as possible, you need to understand that your immune system uses inflammations in order to damage your hair follicles and make them stop produce healthy hair strands!

This means that the less inflammations you have, the more hair growth you are going to enjoy.

So, to do this, I highly recommend that you start consuming lots of anti-inflammatory foods on a daily basis, I have already talked about this in many of my previous posts, and I highly recommend that you follow my advice, they are going to help you determine what kind of food you need to consume on a daily basis, and most importantly, the foods you need to stop eating as well.

But for now, let me share with you the best adult treatment for alopecia areata hair loss:

Take one teaspoon of peppermint oil and mix it with one teaspoon of jojoba oil, one teaspoon of Jamaican black castor oil, and most importantly one tablespoon of olive oil.

Olive oil is used as a carrier oil, in other words, it’s going to prevent these essential oils from damaging your hair follicles and scalp, and most importantly, it’s going to increase their effect since olive oil is highly tolerated by our skin and can be absorbed very easily and quickly as well.

Mix these essential oils together very well, and every day, I want you to apply a minimum of two teaspoons to your scalp, make sure you massage very gently, when you are done, cover for a minimum of twenty-five minutes and then rinse using your favorite shampoo.

Trust me when I tell you that this is by far the best adult treatment for alopecia areata hair loss, if you have a question or a comment, don’t hesitate to post it in the section below, I will be very happy to help you.

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