The best vitamins for alopecia

In this post, you are going to find out the best vitamins to take if you are suffering from alopecia, and most importantly, what you need to do if you would like to get rid of this terrible skin condition!

A great majority of people who are suffering from alopecia don’t know about these vitamins, and in fact, they think that they have absolutely nothing to do against this terrible skin condition, in fact, I was like this some few years ago, I used to think that my alopecia was for life, and that I would get a disfigured beard all the time!

Let me tell you that there is hope, and you can after all get rid of your alopecia very efficiently, the only way you need to do this is by eating natural foods, I have already talked about this in many of my previous posts, the fact that an anti-inflammatory diet is going to help you tremendously get rid of alopecia and even start hair growth very rapidly.

Indeed, in my situation, I was able to reduce my alopecia’s surface in a matter of just four weeks and this is what I want for you, I want you to be able to enjoy hair regrowth again and most importantly, to stop worrying about this terrible skin condition!

This is the reason why you need to start taking these vitamins as soon as possible, they are very important and they will improve your overall health, not just alopecia.

The first one is vitamin B12.

Indeed, if you were to tell me three years ago about vitamin B12 being amazing for alopecia, I would have asked you what’s vitamin B12?

Well, it’s because most people don’t know about it, and even worse, most people are already deficient in it!

What I really want you to do right now is to go out and get at least 3000 micrograms of vitamin B12 and start supplementing with it on a weekly basis, this is nonnegotiable, and anyone suffering from alopecia should really consider doing vitamin B12 blood tests, it’s very important as it’s going to tell you exactly whether you are in a critical situation or not when it comes to cardiovascular health and even your nervous health as well.

In general, vitamin B12 is very important for your well functioning, it plays many important roles, such as in blood circulation and even in your nervous system, so, supplementing with this very essential nutrient is extremely important.

The second one is biotin.

Biotin is definitely one of the best vitamins you need to consume on a weekly basis, it’s very important as it’s going to increase hair growth, and it may even play a very important role at reducing alopecia and increasing hair growth.

But in general, you should consult your doctor, dermatologist, before attempting to supplement with biotin since it can have some side effects.

So, if you are suffering from terrible alopecia, then, I highly recommend that you start taking 10,000 micrograms a week, this is also very important for overall hair growth purposes.

And the third one is vitamin D3.

As mentioned in many of my previous posts, alopecia means that your immune system is attacking your healthy cells, most importantly, attacking your hair follicles and causing them to stop producing hair strands.

Well, guess what, vitamin D3 is also very important for your immune system, and since most people are already deficient in this very important and valuable vitamin, I highly recommend that you start supplementing on a daily basis, 2000 UI a day, this is also nonnegotiable.

These are by far the best vitamins for alopecia, if you have a question, don’t hesitate to post it in the section below, I will be extremely happy to help you.

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